Thursday, 1 November 2012


Heavenly Father, we praise you and thank you for the countless blessings and mercies you have shown us.
You have blessed Vic view as a refuge for Pilgrims from all corners of the the country and from every where.
You have strengthened us in time of trial and held us up in the face of adversity.
You have granted us this beautiful and bountiful refuge.
You have granted us the fruits of freedom, of worship, and hard work.
Remind us to be humble in our abundance and to remember the sacrifice of those who came before us and who so trusted in you.
Let their example remind us to renew that trust, to always be thankful, to always be obedient to your hand and to be no less strong in our values.

In this harvest moment, we give thanks to you O Lord, for family and friends, for health and country, and for the gift of life.
As we gather around our family tables on this Thanksgiving,
We at  will "ask the Lord's blessing in all that we do".
We ask for this blessing for each other, for our nation, and for you,
Our customers, Our dear friends in Christ.

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