Thursday, 9 August 2012


VicView Primary School was started in 1987 in a remote village in Eastern Uganda, in Bugembe- Jinja District. The "School" is now bringing the plight of the little known village to the attention of the international community. There are over 50 orphans and vulnerable children supported by the school’s home, ranging from babies to teenagers.
The school’s home relies on the support of friends and well-wishers. It is mostly supported by a group of young people many of them students in different parts of Uganda and other countries, who felt the need to support these very needy children. The home has also survived with support from the community. Many community members bring in food items, clothing, firewood and other kind support in kind.
The school was founded by David and Janifer who grew up from this little village and grew up to witness the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS in this community. David was lucky to get a good education and, he has committed his life to support the community that saw him through the hard times of his childhood.
Most of the children lost both parents, are abandoned, are out of school and some are HIV+. Due to the condition of some of the children, and given the small capacity of the school, some of the children are supported from their parent homes. We deliver care and support to their homes where they are staying with care givers/Guardians. IWe try very much to re-integrate these children back into the communities and to ensure that they remain supported by the community and grow in a caring and nurturing natural environment/family.
At the school, we provide food and accommodation, educational support, psyco-social support, Advocacy and livelihood support. We also facilitate acquisition of skills for the children to be able to survive in a highly competitive environment.
The School is largely run on a communal basis with many of the staff working as volunteers. Vicview only provides food and other supplies to meet some of their basic needs. The school has resident Matrons, cooks and care assistants.. The school has been growing over time and is now reaching to over 200 friends of the orphans. Every hour, every day and every month there is always something/ some activity/work that needs the support of someone. We need volunteers to come and help out at the school anytime of the year. We have enough accommodation to support the volunteers we invite

Thursday, 2 August 2012